… can only be explained by telling you how the idea for Club Sotek was formed.

I had been experimenting with the Keto Lifestyle for just over a month. I was experiencing unexplained results that seemed backward to everything I had ever been taught about health and nutrition.  I experienced more energy, better sleep, focus, mental clarity, weight loss, joint discomfort and more.  I had a few friends that were experimenting with the lifestyle with me who were also experiencing these amazing side effects.  A friend of mine, who happened to also be my attorney (insert joke here) sent me a link to a documentary that would not only explain everything we were experiencing but also changed our lives forever.

This is the documentary trailer to “The Magic Pill”.

I clicked on the link and a documentary titled “The Magic Pill” played.  Between what I was feeling and this documentary it became very clear that everything I thought I knew about health and nutrition was backwards.  That was the day I wrote down a made-up word “sotek” as the name of a new company.  A company I would dedicate my energy, my skills and my passion to. I knew that this company would help others start to think backwards and take back their own health and wellness.  Sotek is simply Ketos backwards.   I immediately had my friends watch “The Magic Pill” and the true awakening had begun.

I realized there were many companies that seemed to sell “Keto” type products that made crazy claims like “just drink this drink, change nothing about your lifestyle and receive all these amazing benefits”.

To me this was just as crazy as all the “Glucose Dependent” programs that claimed amazing long-term results and health benefits even though they kept your body in a glucose dependent Lifestyle.

I call this “Superstition Nutrition”.

My friends and I also realized that adapting to a new lifestyle like the Keto Lifestyle was easier and more enjoyable with the addition of the right supplementation designed for those converting and sustaining a Keto Lifestyle.  It was obvious that the true benefits that the documentary “The Magic Pill” showed were coming from the lifestyle and the benefits were from being in “Nutritional Ketosis”.  No single product or combination of products can ever achieve the benefits of “Nutritional Ketosis”. Supplementing the Lifestyle is powerful, but the Lifestyle is the magic pill.

We realized that people need a SIMPLE plan for adopting a Keto Lifestyle along with powerful supplementation to assist Keto Living without having to be Keto perfect.  With that in mind we created the F.A.T.S Program.  F – Fasting, A – Adjust your fat 70%, protein 25% and Carbohydrate 5% ratio, T – thirst quencher (drink 50% of your body weight in ounces in water) and S – Supplementation (Club Sotek FAT Boosters).

I hope you watch “The Magic Pill” and investigate our F.A.T.S. Program.  I think you will find that Health should be a “Treat” not a “Chore”.  We provide everything from grocery guides, drive through tips, restaurant tips, recipes, education on calculating fats, proteins, and carb ratios along with powerful supplementation to assist in your transformation even if you are not Keto Perfect.

If you’re interested in watching the Full Documentary click on the play button below or go to Netflix to watch.