Club 100 K-Founder Members

These members are our first 100 Heroes  that have committed to taking our product for a full year along with our FATS Program. Click on the link below to see the MANY benefits Club 100 K-Founder.

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K-Founder Members

K-Founders are given 40 Original Hero Tasting Packs $180 value each to give to whomever they choose. Shares into the Founders Pool and the option to earn more. Learn all the perks of being a K-Founder by clicking the link below.

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Original Hero Double Tasting Packs

Original Hero Double Tasting Packs will be given by Club 100 K-Founders or K-Founder beginning September 15, 2018 until October 31, 2018. Find out how you can give away $7,200 to $18,000 worth of products.

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There is no better timing than pre-launch!

Everyone likes to talk about timing in network marketing but lets face it there is no better timing than joining a company in the Pre-Launch stage. The top is never a bad place to start your journey.

FAIR Philosophy


Fun is having a business opportunity and products that are exciting, interesting, enjoyable, and rewarding.


Be equally available for anyone regardless of experience, be affordable for the masses, and require very little time because it’s just part of one’s lifestyle.


What we do is important and provides results that are significant to people’s quality of life that they have not been able to achieve previously.


To Share results from real customers who are using our product with just facts, without hype. To share results that the majority of people can experience, not just the outliers and the exceptions.