Product Info

Product Info

Product Info

Helping you with your wellness journey is important to us! Use the link below to find out exactly what is in our products to help you with your Ketogenic journey.

Our Ingredients

Opportunity Launch

Opportunity Launch

Opportunity Launch

Help launch a company whose mission is to SHOW people not SELL people on great health. Come be the first examples of our company and be the proof that inspires wellness.


FATS Program

FATS Program

FATS Program

If your looking for energy, wellness and weight-loss then the FATS Program is where you want to start.


What is the qualification for being "Active"?

A Hero is considered “Active” if they have a qualifying order in the past 28 days.

How do I make commissions?

1) Must be an Active Hero
2) Sign up a New Hero
3) Sign up a New Customer
4) Customer Re-Orders

When do commissions get paid?

Club soteK pays commissions weekly. The week run from Thursday to Wednesday. Direct deposit is made the following Wednesday.

What are Club soteK's ranks?

1) Hero (active)
2) Team Qualified (active)
3) Super Hero (active)

How do I become a hero?

Sign up for $65.00 membership.

How do I become team qualified?

You must be an Active Hero. Then personally enroll 2 Heroes (active). They each pay $65 membership and $150 (120 CV) product order to be considered active. You are now Team Qualified.

How do I become a Super Hero?

1) You must be an Active Hero.
2) Personally enroll 3 Heroes (active). They each pay $65 membership and $150 (120 CV) product order.
3) There needs to be a Team Qualified Hero in each of your personally enrolled Hero legs. It can be the Hero you personally enrolled or it can be another Hero that was enrolled by one of your personally enrolled Heroes. This is unrelated to the Binary.

If a Hero is not active but is selling product will you make commissions?

1) Hero signs up a new customer for $150 (120PCV) they will be qualified for commissions.
2) Hero has a customer re-order of $150 (120PQV) they will be qualified for commissions.
3) Hero signs up a new Hero (Rep) $65. There are no commissions paid out. Hero must be active in order to receive commissions on new Hero (Rep) sign ups.

What is a binary?

1) A Binary is a Team Structure that has a left side and right side (2 legs maximum).
2) A percentage of all re-orders placed by Heroes (Reps) and Customer re-orders are paid through the “Team Commission” structure which is also known as a Binary.
3) Please refer to the “Compensation Plan” that is on Club soteK’s website for more details.

How can I earn my money back after signing up?

Example: Pay $65 membership and purchase $150 in product and you can earn your $150 back by enrolling two new Heroes for the same amount and you will receive $50 for each new Hero and a $50 Team Qualified (TQ) bonus for a total of $150.00. You and both your new Heroes must be active in order to be TQ and receive the $50 TQ bonus.