As an active Hero you can earn a Direct Example Bonus of 25% of PCV of all personally enrolled Customers and Heroes 1st product orders.

Simple Examples:

  • You Enroll a new Customer or Hero that place an initial order of 120 PCV.  25% of 120 PCV = $30 Direct Example Bonus.

You also earn a 25% Direct Example Re-Order Bonus on all Customers PCV reorders month after month.

Simple Examples

  • Your Personally enrolled Customer re-orders 120 PCV.  25% of 120 PCV = $30 Direct Example Re-Order Bonus.

Every Active Hero earns 25% Direct Example Bonus of the PCV of a Hero or Customers 1st order.  Some Heroes also earns up to an additional 75% “Impact Bonus” of the PCV of a Hero and Customers 1st order for a total of 100% of PCV on the 1st order.  Below is a full explanation of how you can earn Impact Bonuses on Customers and Heroes 1st order.

  • Activate your “Impact Account” by becoming Team Qualified or enrolling 4 Customers. This is a onetime qualification to activate your “Impact Account”.
  • Acquire “Impact Credits” from your Customers and Heroes 2nd Order (75% of their 2nd order PCV becomes Impact Credits).

Simple Example: 

Heroes 1st order was 120 PCV and their 2nd order was 120 PCV.  75% of the 2nd order of 120 PCV is converted to “90 Impact Credits” and deposited in your Impact Account.

  • Once your “Impact Account” is activated and “Impact Credits” are deposited in your account then every time you earn a 25% first order Direct Example Bonus we look at your “Impact Account” and pay up to the remainder of the PCV (75%) by converting “Impact Points” into an “Impact Bonus”.

Simple Example: 

Let’s say in your Impact Account you have 180 Impact Credits and you sign up a new Customer or Hero and they place a 120PCV 1st order.  You would receive 25% of the 120 PCV for a $30 Direct Example Bonus.  We take away 90 Impact Credits and convert them to $90 Impact Bonus for a total of $120 in 1st order Bonuses. Your Impact Account would be left with 90 Impact Credits.

  • To convert “Impact Credits” to “Impact Bonuses” you must remain Active (120PCV) and remain Qualified (Team Qualified or 4 Active Customers). If at any time you are not active or qualified, then your Impact Account is on hold until both requirements are met.  If you are inactive for 2 consecutive months, then any Impact Credits in your account will go to zero.
  • If your personally enrolled Hero or Customer 1st order and 2nd order has a different total amount of PCV then we will convert which ever order is the lessor total of PCV into Impact Credits.

Simple Example: 

Customer orders 2 FATS Programs (240 PCV) the first month but their 2nd month order is a monthly supply of FATS Booster (120PCV).  We will issue 90 Impact Credits to your Impact Account because the lessor of the PCV is 120.  120 x 75% = 90 Impact Credits.

Team Commissions are paid through your Sponsor Tree.

Your Sponsor Tree is made up of two and only two legs. This is commonly referred to as a “Binary” which simply means “two.”

Each Hero you enroll will need to be placed in one of your two legs.  You will have 48 hours to “place” them or they will be placed for you automatically.  You can also set your preferences in the back office to “place” people automatically all the time.

You are qualified for Team Commissions once you are active (120 PCV) and you’ve enrolled 2 Heroes with 120 PCV each, one in your left leg and one in your right leg.

You will be paid 10% of your Team volume from your smaller sponsored leg which is commonly referred to as your “Pay Leg”.


Right leg=1,150 TV

Left leg=1,000 TV

1,000 ≤ 1,150

Paid 10% of 1,000 TV = $100

To be eligible for Team commissions you must be active, and Team Qualified.



Matching Check Bonus (Leadership Pay)

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A Customer is anyone who places an order with Club Sotek.


A Hero is anyone who has agreed to the policy and procedures and has paid their Hero Fee of $65.  A Hero can participate in any of the commissions that they are eligible for.

Active Hero

A Hero is considered “Active” if they have a qualifying order in the previous 4 weeks period.   Club soteK pays weekly.

Qualifying Order

Any order or combination of orders that total 120 PCV (Personal Commissionable Volume) or more.  This can come from your own personal orders, from orders from your customers or a combination of both.

Team Qualified Hero

This is an Active Hero who has enrolled two Active Promotors in their Team Structure, one must be on the left and one on the right. Team Qualified Heroes are eligible to begin earning Team Commissions.


Anytime you sign up someone as a Customer or a Hero you are assigned to them as their enroller.

Placement Sponsor

Anytime you enroll a new Hero you will need to place them in one of the two legs of your Sponsor Tree.  Whoever they are placed directly under will be considered their “Sponsor”.

Enroller Tree

Each new Promotor you enroll will automatically be added to your enroller tree.  This tree will also keep track of all Hero’s you enroll and all Hero’s they enroll, and they enroll down to infinity.

Direct Sales Bonuses and Matching Checks are paid based on your “Enroller Tree.”

Types of Volume

Each order has two types of volume; commissionable volume and team volume which will be paid out in different commission structures.

Commissionable Volume (CV)

The Commissionable Volume is the amount that your direct example bonus, Impact Bonus and Direct Example Re-Order Bonus will be paid on.  As well it is the volume calculated to determine Personal Commissionable Volume (PCV).

Team Volume is the amount that your Team Bonus will be paid on according to the Team Tree.  How much Team Volume comes from an order depends on the type of order and whether it is a first, second or third order and beyond.

  • All 1st time orders (Customers or Heroes) have full PCV but no Team Volume (TV)
  • Heroes 2nd orders have 50% Team Volume (TV) – (example:120 PCV x 50% =60 TV)
  • Heroes 3rd order and beyond have 100% full Team Volume (TV)
  • Customers 2nd orders have no Team Volume (TV)

Customers 3rd order and Beyond have 50% Team Volume (TV)